I’ve been so busy this past week with church and other things that I have barely had time to touch the pictures from Savannah. I got down to a few today but still have quite a few left to edit. This blog isn’t very effective without pictures huh? On a good note, in the past week I’ve booked a wedding and today I had a consultation for senior portraits and they went for one of the bigger packages. I finally have raised my prices to what I feel my work is actually worth. I was a little nervous at first because good work isn’t cheap and when I first started in this business I thought lowering my prices would attract more customers buttttt that was most definitely not the case. It’s true that if you believe in your art, people will pay what it’s worth. Those that aren’t willing to pay the price you’ve given your work probably shouldn’t be your clients in the first place. Ok the ramble radar is going off in my head. Hopefully I’ll get some of those pictures up soon!


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