Image is Everything

So I’ve been on vacation this whole week and it’s been great! Spontaneous 2-night trip to Orlando with my husband and just venturing out. We had one lazy day (I really wanted to go to Miami but whatever haha). So anyway on Thursday we went to Savannah and did a photo shoot with my husband helping out so I can get used to directing a male model. Now my husband is not a model nor does he want to be but I think he did pretty well. One thing I did notice is when I posted this on my page, it did not get the response my female subjects have gotten. I’m not upset by this, it’s just strange to me. Well maybe not so strange. Our society is more driven by the female image than the male image I think. I’m proud of my work either way. It was out of my comfort zone to coach a male how to pose so honestly it was a good exercise for me- this photoshoot I mean. Ok I’m on the verge of rambling so I’ll share this photo with you for now while I finish editing the rest!


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