Wasted Potential

I know you guys tend to see the same model that I photograph. I’ve mentioned before that she is my best friend. She’ll be moving back up to New Jersey this summer after having been away for almost 10 years. I’m very sad about that for many reasons but as her friend I support her and am happy for her as well. She has such a knack for modeling (and acting as well) and she loves it! I told her to go for it because she has definite potential! She said she would try but then keeps saying she is too old. She’s 25. Yes, by industry standards she is “too old,” but why should that stop her from going for it? We put boundaries on ourselves before we even try. I am by no means the best photographer out there, but I’m working at it everyday because one day my break will come. Who knows what could come of my friend putting together a portfolio and getting out there? The least it could be is an interesting experience. I say take the leap. If it’s right it will happen. Dreams have no age limit! With that said, here is a shot of my beautiful best friend and favorite model from our last shoot!



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