Hello again. I said I’d talk more about my likes and dislikes so here it goes! One of my favorite times of day to shoot is twilight. The purple-pink of the sky sets up such a nice backdrop. Not to mention it makes for the best lighting of the day. The above picture was part of a mini-shoot I did for my friend Victor Rosas (who I also sing with). He wanted a cover for his single that he recently wrote so we went for it. It was very hard to choose a photo from the shoot for this blog because they all turned out really nice. The downside of twilight? The mosquitoes! I always end up with few HUNDRED bites after a twilight shoot. In the end though the bites go away and you’re left witha satisfied model and client! If you want to see the rest of the photos from the shoot, check them out here! If anyone has any questions or comments, let me know! My contact info is in my ‘about’ page 🙂


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