Why You Should Celebrate Small Victories

If you didn’t already know, last year I started a YouTube channel. (That’s actually the reason I’ve been behind on these blog posts.) If you’re not really into YouTube (I wasn’t until I started my channel), I’ll let you know that there are certain “clichés” that you’ll hear in the YouTube community. One of them … Continue reading Why You Should Celebrate Small Victories

Let Them Laugh

Find your inspiration series:  If you’ve ever looked up the Twitter hashtag #GrowingUpAverage , you’d be reading about my life. I’m not complaining about my childhood by any means, but there is nothing extraordinary about it. I was always expected to follow the rules and play it safe. While I wish I could say that … Continue reading Let Them Laugh

Microadventures – What They Are and Why They’re Important 

Growing up and maturing is obviously something that is necessary as a part of life.  We can't be kids forever (though there are some people who don't ever get that memo - but that's an entirely different topic).  There is one thing, however, that tends to get lost somewhere along the line of adolescence and … Continue reading Microadventures – What They Are and Why They’re Important 

Phone Cameras – Resist or Embrace? 

Not to date myself, but my first cell phone didn’t have a camera. Those that did were amazing and “luxurious.” It didn’t matter that it was three megapixels and you could barely make out what you were taking pictures of. It was crazy to think you had a camera at your fingertips all the time … Continue reading Phone Cameras – Resist or Embrace?